Monday, January 31, 2005

missing: one little white sock


why does one sock always get lost in a load of laundry? i think the socks like to hide and they sneak into other clothing like pant legs, or in the corners of sheets. i lost one when i did laundry on saturday, and it turned up today. so, i feel complete again.

i think when i was a kid i wrote a play about losing clothes in the laundry. i made a cardboard cut-out of a pair of "tuesday underwear" and i wore it as my costume. do you remember those days of the week underwear that little girls used to wear? i loved them. i guess that was my ocd side coming through early on.

YAY Snow!

so, i went skiing yesterday with lindsay and luisimo at sugarbowl in lake tahoe since it was my first day on the slopes this winter i took it easy. i had fun though, and was delighted with the veggie chili cheese garlic fries that i created in the lodge.

today i am recovering (with some green tea and motrin) and doing laundry. i've got a big week ahead of me... it's the first day of school tomorrow... YAY! i'm one of those dorks who loves school. hopefully my classes this semester won't be as painful as they have potential to be.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

new job

i started training for a new job this week. i will be a student assistant working with the student outreach services team at SFSU. check out their website for more info: i will be working at both San Francisco City College and Skyline Community College this semester.

sorry for the breif posts. i'm still getting into this whole "blog" thing

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Getting Started

my friend Stephanie has a blog, so i was inspired to create one. my Dad thought it would be a good idea... a place for me to "release" as my family calls it when i blab on and on and on.