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Confession - I love Easter

You know how some Jews are totally into Christmas? Not the religious aspects of it, but the tree and the decorations and the lights and the tinsel and... you get my point. Well, I'm not a Jew like that. I do like the smell of a pine tree in the house, and I love the movie Elf, but I could do without Santa and all of the Christmas music that pipes through every store starting the moment the last bite of Thanksgiving turkey is swallowed.

However, I have a confession... I LOVE EASTER!!! Am I a bad Jew?

Every year I hope that a family will adopt me so I can dye eggs, hunt for them in the backyard, munch on jellybeans and pastel colored foil wrapped chocolate eggs. I want my very own Easter basket with fake green grass in it and a huge hollow chocolate bunny. And most of all, I want a large sugar egg that I can look into and see a happy sugary scene with a bunny inside. Maybe some day a non-Jewish family will invite me over for their Easter festivities and it will be too rude for me to say no. :)