Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween baby shower fun

More pictures to come... for now, enjoy both my Juno costume (made possible by Anthony dressing up as Paulie Bleeker) and the bumpkin (jack-o-lantern painted belly). We had so much fun!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

San Diego baby shower for me and Elodie!

I spent the weekend in San Diego so I could attend a baby shower thrown in my honor by my mom and her friends. They did a "bee" theme, which was super cute, because that's the nickname we called the baby before she had a name. Everyone had a lovely time, especially me! The food was delicious, the sun was shining, many of my friends and family members came out to celebrate with me, and I got some great gifts! Elodie is already one lucky/spoiled/loved little girl.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Anthony and Dormain's Bachelor/ette party!

The girls and the boys had dinner separately (pictures to come, or not) and then met up at the Tonga Room on Nob Hill afterwards. Fun was had by all!!!

What is that chocolate thing they are holding?

A highlight at this bar: very large fruity drinks with little umbrellas and lots of straws.

Don't worry, that's a virgin piƱa colada. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

United Airlines Family Day at SFO

Today we went to SFO for the annual United Airlines family day. We went in 2008 and had a great time.

This year was an exceptionally exciting year to go because the United/Continental merger recently closed, so we were hoping to see a new United plane with the Continental logo... and we did!

Ellie had a great time checking out the new plane.

And there were even storm troopers there in case anyone got out of line.

We got these cute United backpacks and all sorts of other airline schwag.

He's so happy amongst the planes. :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

October, my favorite month

Happy new month, my faithful blog readers! October is my favorite month and I'm so excited it's here! Let's run down why it's such a great time of year.

Well, in general I simply love fall, but fall has many stages. In September things are still cooling down from summer, and in November things can start to feel more wintery as Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations seem to go up earlier and earlier. But, in October things are just right. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down and my absolute favorite holiday is upon us... Halloween. There are very few things that please me the way that the combination of candy and small adorable children in costumes can. Also, I love dressing up. This year I am going to go as Juno! It seemed like a natural pregnancy costume for me.

Specifically this year, October is a very exciting month for us because we have a lot going on. I've entered the third trimester of my pregnancy, so we just started in on the home stretch. Plus, we begin our child birth prep classes this month! Egads.

My brother is visiting us over this first weekend, good friends of ours are getting married in the second weekend, we will be in San Diego during the third weekend for my out-of-town baby shower, and we're hosting our own non-traditional co-ed baby shower at the end of the month here in the Bay Area... with a Halloween theme of course.

Here's to my favorite month of the year!