Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How do you know if you have a plantar's wart?

so i just noticed a little bump on the bottom of my foot today... ick... what is it? i went online to WebMD http://www.webmd.com/ and i think i might have a plantar's wart. is that sick or what? am i overreacting because i've never had one? are they totally nothing and not a big deal, or am i infected with some sick virus? waaaaaa... i hate this.

one more question... can you get them if you get a pedicure at a dirty place? and, if i am planning to get a pedicure on Thursday am i going to be passing along the disease to other people? ohhhh... this sucks.


Caroline:) said...

Hi yeah i just figured out I have plantar warts today, and that I have had them for 4 months!! I guess you can get it at a dirty pedicure place because you get them at moist public places. I just went to a pedicure place 3 days ago (didn't know I had them) and it was fine....... i think! Are you sure it's a plantar wart? Does it have tiny black dots in the middle? If it is just get some plantar wart cream at like cvs or something. :)

Anonymous said...

I've had a Plantar Wart before and they have little black dots in the middle, are usally pretty small (the longer it is untreated, the bigger it will get), and slightly hurt when touched. I would recommend a unexspensive wart remover that you could use at home. Plantar Warts are speard through warm water, so you should not go into a hot tub or shower with someone without notifiying them first. Do not pick them and touch another area of your body, this will cause them to spread.

Good Luck! :)