Monday, April 18, 2005

twilight zone

so i was planning to have an uneventful day... and ultimately i did... but i had a few moments during the day when i almost fell into tradgedy. first i went to the VW dealership because it was time for me to stop ignoring my check engine light. of course, a day or two before my appointment the light turned off, but none the less, i went in for the diagnostic. on the phone they said it would only take an hour, so i figured i'd wait there and do some homework. when i arrived, they said it would take 3-4 hours... sheesh! why me? ok fine, i'll just sit around, i have to get this done, right? but then, it only took 2 hours total. and, there was nothing seriously wrong with my car. so here we have avoided tragedy #1.

since i got out of the car dealership early, i went back to my aunt's apartment in oakland to chill for a bit and do some homework... again a homework attempt. and, for those of you who don't know, my aunt lives in a penthouse apartment where you need a key in the elevator to get to her floor. so, just as i am getting into the elevator and turning the key to get to the 4th floor my keys jump out of my hand and in that slow motion movie sort of way they slip into the elevator crack and down underneath the elevator shaft into the basement of the building... the door slides shut. DAMN!!!! why me? right?

so now with my keys totally lost in the crack of death, my car is in the garage, my spare car key is in the apartment, and i'm locked out of the apartment, but locked in the building. i can't get out or else i'm totally stuck outside, but i can't go in beyond the common hallways. i call my aunt who of course in at a meeting in Placer county, realize that i will have to sit in the hall and do homework until 5pm when she gets home (it was 1230pm at this time) and i don't know what to do. i decide to sit in the hallway near the manager's door... of course he is no where to be found.... when all of a sudden he returns! he just happens to have the guy with him that has the tool to open the elevator and climb down underneath it within the shaft to get my keys! oh my gosh, i have never been so excited to see my keys in my whole life! here we have avoided tragedy #2.

potential tragedy #3 is something i don't want to go into too much... let's just say that i would have emotionally created a rediculous tragedy had i not recieved a phone call from a particular someone, but i did in fact get the phone call, and therefore i avoided tragedy #3.

after surviving these near misses of the makings of an awful monday... in actuality i layed out on my aunt's deck in the sun in my underwear, soaked up the warmth, did my homework, talked on the phone to my friends, went on a walk around lake merritt at sunset with my aunt, and had an extremely successful (under $30) Target run at the end of the night. i love my life right now. i highly recommend 27 to everyone.

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Steph said...

Dudette, your near key loss tragedy reminds me of mine two weekends ago. I fell while rollerblading in Golden Gate Park. (That is when I found out SF is hostile to rollerbladers.) I took off my skates, walked down the slight hill, put my blades back on and continued on home. But I look for my key and realize it's missing! I'll make this short by just listing a few key words: frantic, almost crying, metal detector people, key on park bench, 30 minutes of agony resolved. Holy crap that could have been very bad indeed.