Sunday, June 19, 2005

need a great t-shirt?

well, no one loves tshirts like me. i think sometimes i love them too much. well, anyways, here is a very cool tshirt website. check it out. why not?


Steph said...

I didn't need a tee but I looked anyway cause I'm waiting for the boss man to return from a meeting, so I'm killing time on the internet. I think the "Pale is the New Tan" tee is perfect for me. For my Dan I like "This is my dam shirt," but I also like "Local Celebrity" as that is what he is in the comic book world. Hmm, well anyway, twas fun to look. Which one are you jonesing for?

leyla and emily said...

hey torr its lil,
kick ass t-shirts,i got 2(i like t-shirts way to much,my pants got kicked out of my dresser cause my t-shirts needed more room)i got the "pale is the new tan" and "im sofa king cool" i hope to talk 2 u soon,i have ben faithful and looked @ ur blog every day(almost)i also saw garden state 2day,amazing movie,i may have to buy it.but im fallowing ur advice and gettin the sound trak.well i dont y i wrote this on the comments,but love u