Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the wedding celebration begins

I know I haven't been blogging about it much... not on this blog at least (wink wink) but our wedding is happening THIS SATURDAY! Today marks the beginning of the madness because my Best Woman, Monica, arrives today. Tomorrow my Mom and Stepdad arrive, and the next day the rest of our parents, grandparents, and siblings arrive. By Friday there will be a whole swarm of guests and we'll all be in San Francisco rehearsing, preparing, and celebrating.

I'll try to blog from there, but since most of my readers will be in attendance, I guess there is no rush. :)

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Jenny said...

Wait, you aren't going to blog the wedding itself?

6:02pm: Walking down the aisle. Picture of the aisle.

6:03pm: Picture of Torrey's shoes

6:04pm: Picture of half of the guests

6:05pm: Picture of other half of the guests

6:06pm: Picture of Dave's hand grabbing the camera away so that he can marry his bride