Saturday, November 01, 2008

November = craziest month ever

Yes, it's November first. The fact that it is November means a lot of things.

1) it means our wedding is happening this month, and

2) it means we're moving away from the Bay Area this month.

By Thanksgiving we'll be gone, using San Diego as our home base while we're living abroad.

Oh man, crazies month ever... ready, set, go!


Grace Wang said...

Oh dear, I'll have to visit all four of you before you leave!

Mike said...

Hey Torrey, My name is Mike and I just recently started to follow your blog through a google I did for anyone planning on moving to Amsterdam in the near future. Let me also take a moment to say that your a brave man to take on a wedding and move to Europe in the same month! That would monumentous if it was in the same year! Congradulations1 Having said that I was hoping to get you to visit my newley aquired blog on this site. It's about my asking for any helpful hints about moving to Amsterdam. I'm not sure what you would need to view it but the title is; "How Do I Get To AMSTERDAM???". Thank you and good luck with everything.