Thursday, March 19, 2009

We make it look easy

One thing that you see a lot of here in Amsterdam is people riding on the back of other people's bikes. It's a handy way to "carpool" or pick up a friend if you're going somewhere and you don't want/need to have two bikes. Either way, it's a bit tricky do accomplish, and Dutch people who have been doing it since they were young make it look easy. So, we've been practicing, and we've finally got it down... for the most part.

Laura and Josh asked us for a demonstration the other day, so of course we obliged. Too bad I'm a righty and can only jump on from one side.

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Jessica said...


you'll have to see the "berkeley" when you guys are in town. much more uncomfortable - me sitting on john's crotch while he rides my small small bike. and it only works downhill.