Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 31st Birthday Party

Because Passover overlapped with my birthday this year, as it does from time to time, I decided to plan a little get together of my girlfriends tonight to celebrate my birthday. We started off with an Indian food feast, and ended with going to a chick flick.

And, since Jenn baked pink cupcakes for me we ate those all throughout the night.

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Monolog said...

Ohhhh so cool!!!!! I guess it's good I wasn't there because otherwise I would have eaten so many of those cupcakes and maybe not left enough for you! Hah!! Oh, c'mon bestie, I'm just joking!!! I would never steal your cupcakes. But I would snag some frosting off the top! I love that you have so many great friends that came out to celebrate your special day. You are real cupcake in our lives :) tihi