Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Queen's Night

Queen's Night is a combination of a massive city-wide pre-party in anticipation of Queen's Day, which is tomorrow, AND set up and prep for the all-day party that will ensue. Click here for more info and some pictures. You can also do a google image search to get a sense of what tomorrow will be like. Don't worry, we have our Orange ready.

This evening I started spotting what I call "pissers" all over the city. They are very colorful and designed for men to just stand at and pee instead of peeing in the street or into canals, which is what usually happens. It's kind of funny to see in action.

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SFSairy said...

I remember seeing these when we were in Amsterdam last time....and I was so jealous! Given I have the world's smallest bladder, I wish there were convenient potties just like this for women, no fair!