Monday, May 04, 2009

Cinco de Mayo pre-gaming

Because we were extremely excited about the fact that Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, Jenn and I decided we needed to get the party started early with a visit to our favorite Taco Shop for some nachos. Of course, because we are in Europe, certain places are not open on Mondays (because everyone knows Mondays suck, so why not just do without them all together!) and the Taco Shop is one of those places.

Never fear, our day was not lost. Jenn remembered that the Hard Rock Cafe had nachos so we went over there to get our fix. Oh yeah, and an appetizer sampler platter with potato skins, onion rings, chicken fingers and spring rolls may have arrived at our table as well. Oops! Yum.


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SFSairy said...

Wow, that looks SOO GOOD right now...yummm!