Friday, May 08, 2009

Dinner at De Kas

After hearing about this place and reading reviews, our dream finally came true... we had dinner at De Kas. It is this very cool restaurant in Amsterdam that is in the middle of Frankendael Park. It is attached to a green house and the menu changes daily based on what is in season and what they've grown there. Sounds familiar, Californians? Well, here in Holland it's a very special place.

I was too excited to eat that I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful food, but it was amazing, and the service was out of this world good. We biked over a little bridge to get there and then dined under an olive tree.

The sun hadn't even set yet when we biked home after 9pm. It was a lovely evening.


Monolog said...

is this something we may be able to do this september or is it way far out of the way?????

Torrey said...

i have a feeling when you arrive on friday (in august :p) you're going to be so fried. you get in at 1pm and it'll take all the effort we have to get you into amsterdam, checked in to wherever you're staying, and then we'll probably want to walk to dinner somewhere in our neighborhood.

de kas is pretty far out at the edge of town, and a bit pricey. it's a nice long dinner. i think we were there for 2.5 hours.