Sunday, May 03, 2009

Summer travel planning!

Now that it's May I think it's appropriate to start talking about summer travel. As most of you know, we have a quick Southern California trip planned in June, and a BIG Northern and Southern California plus Chicago trip planned in August. That leaves July for a little European summer travel. We have decided on...

Normandy, France and Lisbon, Portugal.

While Normandy and Mont Saint-Michel seem like obvious destinations, Lisbon might sound like a random choice when places like Spain, Greece, most of Eastern Europe are still unexplored. I can't really pin point the exact moment, but at some point someone was telling me about Lisbon and I fell in love. There are these crazy looking streetcars there that I am just dying to ride on.

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SFSairy said...

One of my best friends is Portuguese, and he's been to Portugal several times. His family is actually form the Azores, an archipelago about 900 miles from Lisbon in the Atlantic ocean. But he tells me its gorgeous there and people are very friendly!