Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gotta love the Dutch!

Today I decided to walk by a local Ben and Jerry's because they are known for having great "American" style Chocolate Chip cookies (seriously, this is something that is hard to find in the Netherlands). Anyway, I was thrilled to see a huge sign on the sidewalk in front of the store advertising such cookies! My mouth was watering.

I walk in and scan the place... no cookies. So I inquire, "Hello, do you have any cookies today?" "No, sorry, not today." "Are you going to have some later perhaps?" I asked. "Ummm... I don't know... maybe tomorrow, maybe next week."

What? MAYBE next week? That would never happen in America.

In the US, if there were no cookies in stock the sidewalk sign would get pulled inside. And, if someone inquired about cookies an expected answer might be, "I'm so sorry we ran out of cookies, but there is a batch in the oven and they will be ready in the next hour!" or "We are out of them today but we'll have more tomorrow. Stop by first thing in the morning!"


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

You need to get your chocolate chip cookies from Subway. Ben & Jerry's suck.

Monolog said...

Dont even get me started on the differences between American and European customer service...two different worlds babe, two different worlds...guess the best answer is to make the cookies yourself...then they for sure will be great!!