Thursday, October 29, 2009

Only 8 more weeks

Can you believe we only have 8 more weeks living in Europe? In some ways it feels like we've been living in Amsterdam forever, but sometimes it feels like we just got here and these last few moths are just slipping away.

During our last two months we have some exciting travel plans! In November we're going to Israel (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) and Germany (Aachen and Munich), and in December for our final trip (to celebrate Dave's 30th birthday) we're going to the South of France.

In the midst of all of this we're going to try to spend some quality time in Amsterdam. We'll plan to hit up all of the museums we've been putting off because "we have a whole year to get to them," and we'll spend some quality time with our friends here celebrating Halloween, having an "American" Thanksgiving dinner, and experiencing Sinterklaas since we missed it last year by just a few days.

Stay tuned for our final adventures abroad!

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Monolog said...

God, it is so WEIRD to read that post and to think that it was YESTERDAY I was sending you off on your year long adventure down at your moms place in SD. I know these next weeks are going to fly by for you. Let them be what they will be and know that you have a Bestie who cannot WAIT to be reunited with you :)