Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Purim!


lbmittal said...

Torrey, Did you make your own Hamentaschen? I used to get care packages from "Grandma" Bea all the way from Chicago in those olden days when Mark and Monica were the toddlers at my house. And I still have a real weakness for those of the apricot persuasion. Come see us soon. Lillian

Torrey said...

Oh Lillian, no I didn't. And, sadly, I didn't even get to EAT any this year. We were busy all weekend and didn't get to celebrate so I missed out entirely.

They are amazingly yummy though.

Hopefully I'll squeeze in a visit soon... maybe this summer? June or July? : )

Monica said...

I love the idea of a June/July visit :) I know you already have one planned for early July but I have this feeling in my belly that Aunt T will need to make another trip down to so-cal shortly therafter...perhaps in the beginning of August :)