Thursday, February 18, 2010

I got my very own king cake!

Remember how I was dreaming about king cake the other day... well, I got one of my very own... and it was FREE! Here is the story: I called the Virginia Bakery in Berkeley where I had my first and only king cake two years ago. They said they weren't making any new cakes, but they had a cake from Tuesday that was never picked up. If I wanted it, I could stop by and pick it up (I was going to Berkeley anyway to meet some friends for lunch), and since it was 2 days old they would give it to me for free. It was SO YUM! :) Who doesn't love a free cake?

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SFSairy said...

Bummed I missed it - I was so curious to try the king cake! And the little plastic Jesus cracks me up! What does it taste like?