Monday, February 08, 2010

"Remind me to never visit Minnesota in February again."


Monolog said...

holy cow!! what happened?? were you off roading or something?

Torrey said...

hahaha... off roading!? nah. just parked in the driveway of dave's mom's house overnight. :p

lbmittal said...

OOOH, Torrey

Take it from one who knows. This is soft stuff compared to what I've seen of many Minnesota winters.

You can complain to me if you have to walk between shoulder high snow banks in the middle of April or walk down the driveway in late May amid snow flurries wondering if the lilacs planned for graduation bouquets will survive. (Yeah, that's what happened to me.)

But I, too, tend to avoid Minnesota in the winter. You have my empathy on this one.

Love you. Lillian