Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let the birthday celebration begin!

My birthday isn't for another few days, but since my dad and stepmom are in town we started celebrating early. Today we spent the entire day in San Francisco. First we had dim sum at Yank Sing where Dave and I got married in Nov '08, then we walked around the Ferry Building, saw the urban zip line (but didn't do it), and after that we went to the Green Festival. It was a super fun day!

Our day ended by having dinner at Banana Island in Daly City with John and Jess. We had an amazing Malaysian/Singaporean/Thai FEAST!

We didn't have candles so I had to blow on the crazy Malaysian snow cone thingy after they sang "happy birthday" to me.


Ruby said...

Aww looks like fun! Happy early birthday!!!

Monolog said...

totally wish i could have been there...both because i want some personal cheek rubbing but also cuz i just really wanna see my bestie!!!
LOVE the green vest by the way. TOO CUTE!!
Oh, and you inspired me with an earlier post...i went to C&B yesterday and bought bookcases like you have. Parallel lives all the way you phd marrying, jetta sportswagen drivin' bestie!!! :P

running42k said...

Happy birthday!

ND said...