Saturday, May 08, 2010

Babies - The Movie (I saw it!)

I highly recommend this movie! It was very well done and extremely interesting to see how babies grow up in different parts of the world. The perspective is that of the babies themselves, so it's super cute and enthralling. I loved seeing some of the similarities between the four babies, despite their drastically different home environments. And, there were lots of kitties in the movie! So for all of you babies + kitties lovers, you're in for an extra treat.


am said...

this movie was made for you. im glad you enjoyed it. i can hardly wait to see it myself, but i am guessing that i won't be able to drag the man in my life to it. did dave go?

Dave said...

No, but I do want to see it when it comes out on iTunes.

Torrey said...

It really was A.M.!!!!

Dave didn't go, but after I told him how great it was he said he wanted to see it. I'll definitely be watching again with him.

I think we'll wait until it's on iTunes though. It'll be just as good at home on a laptop.

Dave said...