Friday, July 23, 2010

Connecting with friends in Holland

Since this was the first time I was able to visit Amsterdam since we moved back to California in December 2009, my main goal was visiting friends. First we took a little train trip out to Alkmaar to visit Ruby. She got to meet my baby-on-the-way, and I got to meer her new baby (already born) Amber. So cute!

Then later on we went to dinner with Crystal, Lauren, Roger and flat Torrey.

Flat Torrey loved the Indian food! (Not too sure if flat Stanley is also into ethnic cuisine.)

And later she washed down the curry goodness with a virgin mojito. What a night!


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

how nice real torrey got to meet fake, stand in torrey.

Monolog said...

Seriously, this post is too funny. When I read "flat torrey" I hadnt scrolled all the way down so my first thought was "what the heck...are they being funny?? because her boobs are even BIGGER than usual, not flatter!" dude, so fun to be in my head sometimes!!!