Saturday, September 04, 2010

Overdue New Month post

Hi everyone,

Sorry my blog has been silent for a few days. I am currently traveling (the East Coast and Minnesota) and trying to stay offline a little more than usual (easier said than done). Anyway, I had been looking forward to writing my "new month" post for September because September 1st marked a huge milestone for my pregnancy. On Sept 1st I hit the 24 week "viability" mark. That means that if the baby is born any time after Sept 1st the doctors will do whatever they can to keep her alive. If for some tragic reason she had been born before 24 weeks, they would not have performed any interventions to save her. Now, I'm not concerned about her being born any time soon. She's doing well, I'm doing well, she's tucked in there very tight. But, it was still a big milestone for me to reach.

Be looking for future posts about our adventures at Bessie's wedding in Connecticut and then our time with my in-laws in Minnesota. We took the baby to her first Twins game!

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