Monday, November 01, 2010

Holy sh*t it's November!

So, normally my "new month" posts are happy and optimistic. But, on this first day of the month I woke up in a total panic. All throughout my pregnancy we've been saying things like, "we'll get to that in November, or we'll do that in November..." and now here we are. IT. IS. NOVEMBER. The baby is coming next month and it feels like there is so much to do and she'll be here in the blink of an eye!

October was all fun and games... a visit from my brother, the wedding of our dear friends, two baby showers, and of course, the best holiday ever, Halloween, ending the month in a grand finale of candy and little kids in costumes. Now, November is all work and no play. We have to build her crib, install her car seat, attend child birth prep classes, go on a hospital tour, meet with our doula, oh, and don't forget Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the stress of that holiday will be low and I will win the competition with the turkey for plumpness without much of a fight from the bird.

I guess there will be one moment of (much needed) relaxation and escape. Our 2-year wedding anniversary is in the middle of this month and we're slipping away to a little B&B on an organic farm not far from Monterey. NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED. Now that should be nice.

So, here's to November... go easy on me, will ya?

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Monolog said...

I am sure November will go by quickly but I'm also sure you will undoubtedly get everything you need done and with time and energy to spare...just you watch! Everything always works out!